Connections 2017



We were delighted to announce that Chadsworth Stage School had ONCE AGAIN been chosen to take part in Connections with the National Theatre

The following students performed 'The School Play' written by Patrick Marber

"What are great expectations?"

"It means he's going to be rich.

And a gentleman"


The whole school assemble in the hall to watch ‘The School Film' which turns out to be an old British classic from the 1940s, in black and white no less.

As the young viewers absorb the adventures of the characters in the old story they begin to discover what their own expectations might be.

Eleanor Ambekar

Harriet Crossingham 

Mikey Helen

Emily Kinnear

Charlotte Lakin

Imogen Lunn

Orla Lyons

Amber Nixon

Rhea Norwood

Lottie Reynolds

Antonia Reynolds

Anna Yarwood                                                  


Our playing dates were Hampton Hill Theatre

Monday 13th February    

Tuesday 14th February   

and finally THE MINERVA at CHICHESTER FESTIVAL THEATRE on Saturday 25th March


Connections 2016


WHAT ARE THEY LIKE - by Lucinda Coxon

Congratulations to all the students below who performed in several sold out performances of 'What Are They Like'. 


Maria Coleshill

Alexander Foster

Mikey Helen

Katy Clark

Millie Clark

Ellie Sait

Amber Reoch

Sophie Kisz

Harriet Crossingham

Anna Yarwood

Orla Lyons

Nyah Patel


Adolescence is a rough ride

You've got existential angst, nood swings,

fashion fiascos, terrifying physical chnages,

never enough money .........

And that's just the parents !!

How well do you know yours ?






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