Dawn laceyDawn Lacey

I started dancing at the young age of 2 in Hersham and moved to Claygate in 1976 where I joined the Chadsworth Stage School at the age of 7. The owner then was Jill Jackman and we used to take drama lessons in her front room.

I took many exams in tap, ballet, modern and drama over the years and started to help as a student teacher at the school in 1983 when Pamela Webb was the principal.

Michelle bought Chadsworth from Pamela Webb in 1991 and shortly after in 1993 I started working for her in the school office as well as teaching several of the classes. Michelle encouraged me to go privately and study to take my ISTD Tap examinations and eventually my teachers degree. This I am very grateful for - along the way I have taken my LAMDA acting examinations and taken many singing lessons and performed along with some of the other teachers at various events with the school. I have been involved in all the big birthday shows at the school in one way or another, the 10th, 15th, 21st, 25th, 30th and 35th and I am looking forward to the next big one - our 40th. I am also getting ready to start the new RAD Teachers sylabus in September.

My passion for the Stage School is as strong now as it was back when I first joined. Chadsworth is not just a stage school it is a family and I am so very proud and privileged to part of such a wonderful and happy place. There really is no better way to spend your hours after school or on a Saturday with friends - as well as being involved in performing at all the wonderful events that we are invited to - including dancing in the West End and also in Disneyland Paris.

It is wonderful for me to now have my children at the stage school who I hope will have the same love and dedication as me.

Quote Me . . . "Chadsworth is a Family"

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